Attendants on duty from 9 AM to 9 PM

Star Tanning and Laundromat
4101 West Howard
Greenfield,Wisconsin 53221
(414) 281-7311

Our friendly staff is here to assist you select the particular equipment and settings to give you the best possible laundry result.  You can choose between a number of different types and sizes of washers and dryers.  Our large self-service laundromat facility contains:

12 Single-load top-load washers ($1.75)

12 One-and-a-Half-load washers ($2.00)

7 Triple-load washers ($4.00)

 5 Five-load washers ($5.00)

26 Large-capacity dryers (25 cents/10 minutes)


One WASHER designed to clean 8 REGULAR-SIZED LOADS ONCE  ($8.00) and the matching DRYER ($2.50 for /30 minutes.)  These are the largest washer and dryer available in U.S. laundromats.

* = Closed Christmas and New Year's days

Star Tanning & Laundromat
4101 W. Howard Avenue
Greenfield, WI 53221                               414-281-7311

Laundromat Facilities . . . . . . .

Open 6 AM to 9 PM 7 Days a Week*.   Last Wash at 8 PM.
Our goal is to provide you with a pleasant environment while you wash your clothes.  Decorated in calming pastels, you will notice a peaceful and easy feeling in the air as soon as you enter our laundromat. 

You can watch one of our 2 TV's, relax in one  of our lounge chairs or sit in a wicker-style chair at one of our 2 full-size patio tables.  We also have child-sized chairs in a small play area. 

We also offer vending machines containing laundry supplies (soaps, bleach, fabric softeners, etc), beverages and snacks for your convenience.  

Our purpose in offering so many large, front load extractor-washers  and over-size dryers is twofold:
-     These types of machines save you money several ways.  You pay less per standard load to wash, you use less soap and bleach PLUS your clothes will last longer than clothes washed in top-load washers.
-     The front-load washers are better for the environment, reducing energy use and pollutants.
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